Skikda Prayer Times Today

The Skikda prayer times today are Fajr (4:33 AM), Dhuhr (12:33 PM), Asr (4:12 PM), Maghrib (7:04 PM), Isha (8:29 PM).

Skikda Prayer Times Today

Hijri Date: 02 Shawwal, 1445 AH

Gregorian Date: 11 April, 2024

Fajr4:33 AM
Sunrise6:03 AM
Dhuhr12:33 PM
Asr4:12 PM
Sunset7:04 PM
Maghrib7:04 PM
Isha8:29 PM
Imsak4:23 AM
Midnight12:34 AM
Firstthird10:44 PM
Lastthird2:24 AM

Latitude: 36.87617

Longitude: 6.90921

Timezone: Africa/Algiers

Calculation Method: Muslim World League

Midnight Mode: STANDARD

Next Prayer: Dhuhr (12:33 PM)

Time Remaining until Dhuhr:

3 hours, 55 minutes, 51 seconds

Current time in Africa/Algiers:
08:37:09 AM
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Qibla Direction

Distance to Kaaba: 3603.09 km


Skikda, also spelled Skikidia, is a coastal city located in northeastern Algeria. It is the capital of the Skikda Province and lies on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Skikda is known for its strategic location, historical significance, and thriving industrial sector. Skikda has a rich history that dates back to ancient times, with evidence of Phoenician, Roman, and Byzantine civilizations. The city has witnessed the rise and fall of various empires, contributing to its diverse cultural heritage. Visitors can explore historical sites such as the Roman Ruins of Rusicade, which offer glimpses into the city’s ancient past.

Monthly Prayer Timings for Skikda

Date (Gregorian)Date (Hijri)FajrSunriseDhuhrAsrMaghribIsha
01-04-202422-09-144504:49 (CET)06:18 (CET)12:36 (CET)16:09 (CET)18:55 (CET)20:18 (CET)
02-04-202423-09-144504:48 (CET)06:16 (CET)12:36 (CET)16:10 (CET)18:56 (CET)20:19 (CET)
03-04-202424-09-144504:46 (CET)06:15 (CET)12:36 (CET)16:10 (CET)18:57 (CET)20:20 (CET)
04-04-202425-09-144504:44 (CET)06:13 (CET)12:35 (CET)16:10 (CET)18:58 (CET)20:21 (CET)
05-04-202426-09-144504:43 (CET)06:12 (CET)12:35 (CET)16:10 (CET)18:59 (CET)20:23 (CET)
06-04-202427-09-144504:41 (CET)06:10 (CET)12:35 (CET)16:11 (CET)18:59 (CET)20:24 (CET)
07-04-202428-09-144504:39 (CET)06:09 (CET)12:34 (CET)16:11 (CET)19:00 (CET)20:25 (CET)
08-04-202429-09-144504:38 (CET)06:08 (CET)12:34 (CET)16:11 (CET)19:01 (CET)20:26 (CET)
09-04-202430-09-144504:36 (CET)06:06 (CET)12:34 (CET)16:11 (CET)19:02 (CET)20:27 (CET)
10-04-202401-10-144504:34 (CET)06:05 (CET)12:34 (CET)16:12 (CET)19:03 (CET)20:28 (CET)
11-04-202402-10-144504:33 (CET)06:03 (CET)12:33 (CET)16:12 (CET)19:04 (CET)20:29 (CET)
12-04-202403-10-144504:31 (CET)06:02 (CET)12:33 (CET)16:12 (CET)19:05 (CET)20:30 (CET)
13-04-202404-10-144504:29 (CET)06:01 (CET)12:33 (CET)16:12 (CET)19:06 (CET)20:31 (CET)
14-04-202405-10-144504:28 (CET)05:59 (CET)12:33 (CET)16:12 (CET)19:06 (CET)20:32 (CET)
15-04-202406-10-144504:26 (CET)05:58 (CET)12:32 (CET)16:13 (CET)19:07 (CET)20:34 (CET)
16-04-202407-10-144504:24 (CET)05:56 (CET)12:32 (CET)16:13 (CET)19:08 (CET)20:35 (CET)
17-04-202408-10-144504:23 (CET)05:55 (CET)12:32 (CET)16:13 (CET)19:09 (CET)20:36 (CET)
18-04-202409-10-144504:21 (CET)05:54 (CET)12:32 (CET)16:13 (CET)19:10 (CET)20:37 (CET)
19-04-202410-10-144504:20 (CET)05:53 (CET)12:31 (CET)16:13 (CET)19:11 (CET)20:38 (CET)
20-04-202411-10-144504:18 (CET)05:51 (CET)12:31 (CET)16:14 (CET)19:12 (CET)20:39 (CET)
21-04-202412-10-144504:16 (CET)05:50 (CET)12:31 (CET)16:14 (CET)19:13 (CET)20:41 (CET)
22-04-202413-10-144504:15 (CET)05:49 (CET)12:31 (CET)16:14 (CET)19:13 (CET)20:42 (CET)
23-04-202414-10-144504:13 (CET)05:47 (CET)12:31 (CET)16:14 (CET)19:14 (CET)20:43 (CET)
24-04-202415-10-144504:12 (CET)05:46 (CET)12:30 (CET)16:14 (CET)19:15 (CET)20:44 (CET)
25-04-202416-10-144504:10 (CET)05:45 (CET)12:30 (CET)16:14 (CET)19:16 (CET)20:45 (CET)
26-04-202417-10-144504:08 (CET)05:44 (CET)12:30 (CET)16:15 (CET)19:17 (CET)20:47 (CET)
27-04-202418-10-144504:07 (CET)05:42 (CET)12:30 (CET)16:15 (CET)19:18 (CET)20:48 (CET)
28-04-202419-10-144504:05 (CET)05:41 (CET)12:30 (CET)16:15 (CET)19:19 (CET)20:49 (CET)
29-04-202420-10-144504:04 (CET)05:40 (CET)12:30 (CET)16:15 (CET)19:20 (CET)20:50 (CET)
30-04-202421-10-144504:02 (CET)05:39 (CET)12:30 (CET)16:15 (CET)19:21 (CET)20:51 (CET)