Oran Prayer Times Today

The Oran prayer times today are Fajr (5:18 AM), Dhuhr (1:06 PM), Asr (4:40 PM), Maghrib (7:26 PM), Isha (8:48 PM).

Oran Prayer Times Today

Hijri Date: 24 Ramadan, 1445 AH

Gregorian Date: 03 April, 2024

Fajr 5:18 AM
Sunrise 6:46 AM
Dhuhr 1:06 PM
Asr 4:40 PM
Sunset 7:26 PM
Maghrib 7:26 PM
Isha 8:48 PM
Imsak 5:08 AM
Midnight 1:06 AM
Firstthird 11:13 PM
Lastthird 2:59 AM

Latitude: 35.701346

Longitude: -0.646243

Timezone: Africa/Algiers

Calculation Method: Muslim World League

Midnight Mode: STANDARD

Next Prayer: Sunrise (06:46 AM)

Time Remaining until Sunrise:

1 hours, 25 minutes, 43 seconds

Current time in Africa/Algiers:
05:20:17 AM
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Qibla Direction

Distance to Kaaba: 4223.26 km


Oran is a vibrant coastal city located in northwestern Algeria, along the Mediterranean Sea. Known for its rich history, cultural heritage, and stunning sea views, Oran is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. Oran boasts a captivating blend of traditional and modern elements. Its charming old town, known as “La Casbah,” is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Narrow winding streets, colorful buildings, and historic mosques characterize this area. Visitors can explore the vibrant souks, where they can find traditional handicrafts, spices, and local products.

Monthly Oran Prayer Timings

Date (Gregorian)Date (Hijri)FajrSunriseDhuhrAsrMaghribIsha
01-04-202422-09-144505:22 (CET)06:49 (CET)13:06 (CET)16:39 (CET)19:25 (CET)20:46 (CET)
02-04-202423-09-144505:20 (CET)06:47 (CET)13:06 (CET)16:40 (CET)19:25 (CET)20:47 (CET)
03-04-202424-09-144505:18 (CET)06:46 (CET)13:06 (CET)16:40 (CET)19:26 (CET)20:48 (CET)
04-04-202425-09-144505:17 (CET)06:44 (CET)13:05 (CET)16:40 (CET)19:27 (CET)20:49 (CET)
05-04-202426-09-144505:15 (CET)06:43 (CET)13:05 (CET)16:40 (CET)19:28 (CET)20:50 (CET)
06-04-202427-09-144505:14 (CET)06:42 (CET)13:05 (CET)16:40 (CET)19:29 (CET)20:51 (CET)
07-04-202428-09-144505:12 (CET)06:40 (CET)13:05 (CET)16:41 (CET)19:30 (CET)20:52 (CET)
08-04-202429-09-144505:10 (CET)06:39 (CET)13:04 (CET)16:41 (CET)19:30 (CET)20:54 (CET)
09-04-202430-09-144505:09 (CET)06:37 (CET)13:04 (CET)16:41 (CET)19:31 (CET)20:55 (CET)
10-04-202401-10-144505:07 (CET)06:36 (CET)13:04 (CET)16:41 (CET)19:32 (CET)20:56 (CET)
11-04-202402-10-144505:06 (CET)06:35 (CET)13:04 (CET)16:41 (CET)19:33 (CET)20:57 (CET)
12-04-202403-10-144505:04 (CET)06:33 (CET)13:03 (CET)16:41 (CET)19:34 (CET)20:58 (CET)
13-04-202404-10-144505:02 (CET)06:32 (CET)13:03 (CET)16:42 (CET)19:35 (CET)20:59 (CET)
14-04-202405-10-144505:01 (CET)06:31 (CET)13:03 (CET)16:42 (CET)19:35 (CET)21:00 (CET)
15-04-202406-10-144504:59 (CET)06:29 (CET)13:03 (CET)16:42 (CET)19:36 (CET)21:01 (CET)
16-04-202407-10-144504:58 (CET)06:28 (CET)13:02 (CET)16:42 (CET)19:37 (CET)21:02 (CET)
17-04-202408-10-144504:56 (CET)06:27 (CET)13:02 (CET)16:42 (CET)19:38 (CET)21:03 (CET)
18-04-202409-10-144504:55 (CET)06:26 (CET)13:02 (CET)16:42 (CET)19:39 (CET)21:04 (CET)
19-04-202410-10-144504:53 (CET)06:24 (CET)13:02 (CET)16:42 (CET)19:40 (CET)21:05 (CET)
20-04-202411-10-144504:51 (CET)06:23 (CET)13:01 (CET)16:43 (CET)19:40 (CET)21:06 (CET)
21-04-202412-10-144504:50 (CET)06:22 (CET)13:01 (CET)16:43 (CET)19:41 (CET)21:08 (CET)
22-04-202413-10-144504:48 (CET)06:21 (CET)13:01 (CET)16:43 (CET)19:42 (CET)21:09 (CET)
23-04-202414-10-144504:47 (CET)06:19 (CET)13:01 (CET)16:43 (CET)19:43 (CET)21:10 (CET)
24-04-202415-10-144504:45 (CET)06:18 (CET)13:01 (CET)16:43 (CET)19:44 (CET)21:11 (CET)
25-04-202416-10-144504:44 (CET)06:17 (CET)13:00 (CET)16:43 (CET)19:45 (CET)21:12 (CET)
26-04-202417-10-144504:42 (CET)06:16 (CET)13:00 (CET)16:43 (CET)19:45 (CET)21:13 (CET)
27-04-202418-10-144504:41 (CET)06:15 (CET)13:00 (CET)16:44 (CET)19:46 (CET)21:14 (CET)
28-04-202419-10-144504:39 (CET)06:13 (CET)13:00 (CET)16:44 (CET)19:47 (CET)21:15 (CET)
29-04-202420-10-144504:38 (CET)06:12 (CET)13:00 (CET)16:44 (CET)19:48 (CET)21:17 (CET)
30-04-202421-10-144504:36 (CET)06:11 (CET)13:00 (CET)16:44 (CET)19:49 (CET)21:18 (CET)