Laghouat Prayer Times Today

The Laghouat prayer times today are Fajr (5:08 AM), Dhuhr (12:52 PM), Asr (4:25 PM), Maghrib (7:11 PM), Isha (8:31 PM).

Laghouat Prayer Times Today

Hijri Date: 24 Ramadan, 1445 AH

Gregorian Date: 03 April, 2024

Fajr 5:08 AM
Sunrise 6:33 AM
Dhuhr 12:52 PM
Asr 4:25 PM
Sunset 7:11 PM
Maghrib 7:11 PM
Isha 8:31 PM
Imsak 4:58 AM
Midnight 12:52 AM
Firstthird 10:58 PM
Lastthird 2:46 AM

Latitude: 33.8

Longitude: 2.86514

Timezone: Africa/Algiers

Calculation Method: Muslim World League

Midnight Mode: STANDARD

Next Prayer: Sunrise (06:33 AM)

Time Remaining until Sunrise:

1 hours, 8 minutes, 9 seconds

Current time in Africa/Algiers:
05:24:51 AM
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Qibla Direction

Distance to Kaaba: 3867.87 km


Laghouat is a city located in the southern part of Algeria, specifically in the Sahara Desert region. It is the capital of the Laghouat Province and is known for its unique blend of historical heritage, architectural beauty, and desert landscapes. Laghouat offers visitors a glimpse into the rich culture and traditions of the region. The city of Laghouat is characterized by its distinctive architecture, particularly the traditional mud-brick houses known as “ksour.” These structures showcase the ingenuity of local craftsmanship and the adaptation to the desert environment. The ksour are often adorned with intricate geometric patterns and designs, reflecting the cultural heritage of the region.

Monthly Laghouat Prayer Timings

Date (Gregorian)Date (Hijri)FajrSunriseDhuhrAsrMaghribIsha
01-04-202422-09-144505:11 (CET)06:36 (CET)12:52 (CET)16:25 (CET)19:09 (CET)20:29 (CET)
02-04-202423-09-144505:09 (CET)06:34 (CET)12:52 (CET)16:25 (CET)19:10 (CET)20:30 (CET)
03-04-202424-09-144505:08 (CET)06:33 (CET)12:52 (CET)16:25 (CET)19:11 (CET)20:31 (CET)
04-04-202425-09-144505:06 (CET)06:32 (CET)12:51 (CET)16:25 (CET)19:12 (CET)20:32 (CET)
05-04-202426-09-144505:05 (CET)06:30 (CET)12:51 (CET)16:25 (CET)19:12 (CET)20:33 (CET)
06-04-202427-09-144505:03 (CET)06:29 (CET)12:51 (CET)16:25 (CET)19:13 (CET)20:34 (CET)
07-04-202428-09-144505:02 (CET)06:28 (CET)12:51 (CET)16:26 (CET)19:14 (CET)20:35 (CET)
08-04-202429-09-144505:00 (CET)06:26 (CET)12:50 (CET)16:26 (CET)19:15 (CET)20:36 (CET)
09-04-202430-09-144504:59 (CET)06:25 (CET)12:50 (CET)16:26 (CET)19:15 (CET)20:37 (CET)
10-04-202401-10-144504:57 (CET)06:24 (CET)12:50 (CET)16:26 (CET)19:16 (CET)20:38 (CET)
11-04-202402-10-144504:56 (CET)06:22 (CET)12:49 (CET)16:26 (CET)19:17 (CET)20:38 (CET)
12-04-202403-10-144504:54 (CET)06:21 (CET)12:49 (CET)16:26 (CET)19:18 (CET)20:39 (CET)
13-04-202404-10-144504:53 (CET)06:20 (CET)12:49 (CET)16:26 (CET)19:18 (CET)20:40 (CET)
14-04-202405-10-144504:51 (CET)06:19 (CET)12:49 (CET)16:26 (CET)19:19 (CET)20:41 (CET)
15-04-202406-10-144504:50 (CET)06:17 (CET)12:48 (CET)16:26 (CET)19:20 (CET)20:42 (CET)
16-04-202407-10-144504:48 (CET)06:16 (CET)12:48 (CET)16:26 (CET)19:21 (CET)20:43 (CET)
17-04-202408-10-144504:47 (CET)06:15 (CET)12:48 (CET)16:26 (CET)19:22 (CET)20:44 (CET)
18-04-202409-10-144504:45 (CET)06:14 (CET)12:48 (CET)16:27 (CET)19:22 (CET)20:45 (CET)
19-04-202410-10-144504:44 (CET)06:13 (CET)12:48 (CET)16:27 (CET)19:23 (CET)20:46 (CET)
20-04-202411-10-144504:43 (CET)06:11 (CET)12:47 (CET)16:27 (CET)19:24 (CET)20:47 (CET)
21-04-202412-10-144504:41 (CET)06:10 (CET)12:47 (CET)16:27 (CET)19:25 (CET)20:48 (CET)
22-04-202413-10-144504:40 (CET)06:09 (CET)12:47 (CET)16:27 (CET)19:25 (CET)20:49 (CET)
23-04-202414-10-144504:38 (CET)06:08 (CET)12:47 (CET)16:27 (CET)19:26 (CET)20:50 (CET)
24-04-202415-10-144504:37 (CET)06:07 (CET)12:47 (CET)16:27 (CET)19:27 (CET)20:51 (CET)
25-04-202416-10-144504:35 (CET)06:06 (CET)12:46 (CET)16:27 (CET)19:28 (CET)20:52 (CET)
26-04-202417-10-144504:34 (CET)06:05 (CET)12:46 (CET)16:27 (CET)19:28 (CET)20:54 (CET)
27-04-202418-10-144504:33 (CET)06:04 (CET)12:46 (CET)16:27 (CET)19:29 (CET)20:55 (CET)
28-04-202419-10-144504:31 (CET)06:02 (CET)12:46 (CET)16:27 (CET)19:30 (CET)20:56 (CET)
29-04-202420-10-144504:30 (CET)06:01 (CET)12:46 (CET)16:27 (CET)19:31 (CET)20:57 (CET)
30-04-202421-10-144504:29 (CET)06:00 (CET)12:46 (CET)16:27 (CET)19:31 (CET)20:58 (CET)