Biskra Prayer Times Today

The Biskra prayer times today in Algeria are Fajr (4:42 AM), Dhuhr (12:38 PM), Asr (4:15 PM), Maghrib (7:07 PM), Isha (8:29 PM).

Biskra Prayer Times Today

Next Prayer: Dhuhr (12:38 PM)

Time Remaining until Dhuhr:

4 hours, 26 minutes, 17 seconds

Current time in Africa/Algiers:
08:11:43 AM

Hijri Date: 02 Shawwal, 1445 AH

Gregorian Date: 11 April, 2024

Prayer Times

Fajr 4:42 AM
Sunrise 6:10 AM
Dhuhr 12:38 PM
Asr 4:15 PM
Sunset 7:07 PM
Maghrib 7:07 PM
Isha 8:29 PM
Imsak 4:32 AM
Midnight 12:38 AM
Firstthird 10:48 PM
Lastthird 2:29 AM

Latitude: 34.85038

Longitude: 5.72805

Timezone: Africa/Algiers

Calculation Method: Muslim World League

Midnight Mode: STANDARD

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Qibla Direction

Distance to Kaaba: 3638.28 km


Biskra is a city located in northeastern Algeria, known for its beautiful oasis landscapes, date palm groves, and vibrant Saharan culture. It is often referred to as the “Queen of the Oases” due to its abundance of palm trees and agricultural fertility. The city of Biskra is renowned for its picturesque oasis, which provides a refreshing contrast to the surrounding desert environment. The palm groves and lush gardens create a serene and tranquil atmosphere, inviting visitors to relax and enjoy the natural beauty. The oasis is not only visually stunning but also serves as an important source of dates, which are a significant part of Biskra’s local economy.

Monthly Prayer Timings for Biskra

Date (Gregorian)Date (Hijri)FajrSunriseDhuhrAsrMaghribIsha
01-04-202422-09-144504:58 (CET)06:24 (CET)12:41 (CET)16:14 (CET)18:59 (CET)20:19 (CET)
02-04-202423-09-144504:56 (CET)06:22 (CET)12:41 (CET)16:14 (CET)18:59 (CET)20:20 (CET)
03-04-202424-09-144504:55 (CET)06:21 (CET)12:40 (CET)16:14 (CET)19:00 (CET)20:21 (CET)
04-04-202425-09-144504:53 (CET)06:19 (CET)12:40 (CET)16:14 (CET)19:01 (CET)20:22 (CET)
05-04-202426-09-144504:51 (CET)06:18 (CET)12:40 (CET)16:14 (CET)19:02 (CET)20:23 (CET)
06-04-202427-09-144504:50 (CET)06:17 (CET)12:39 (CET)16:14 (CET)19:03 (CET)20:24 (CET)
07-04-202428-09-144504:48 (CET)06:15 (CET)12:39 (CET)16:15 (CET)19:03 (CET)20:25 (CET)
08-04-202429-09-144504:47 (CET)06:14 (CET)12:39 (CET)16:15 (CET)19:04 (CET)20:26 (CET)
09-04-202430-09-144504:45 (CET)06:13 (CET)12:39 (CET)16:15 (CET)19:05 (CET)20:27 (CET)
10-04-202401-10-144504:44 (CET)06:11 (CET)12:38 (CET)16:15 (CET)19:06 (CET)20:28 (CET)
11-04-202402-10-144504:42 (CET)06:10 (CET)12:38 (CET)16:15 (CET)19:07 (CET)20:29 (CET)
12-04-202403-10-144504:41 (CET)06:09 (CET)12:38 (CET)16:15 (CET)19:07 (CET)20:30 (CET)
13-04-202404-10-144504:39 (CET)06:07 (CET)12:38 (CET)16:15 (CET)19:08 (CET)20:31 (CET)
14-04-202405-10-144504:37 (CET)06:06 (CET)12:37 (CET)16:16 (CET)19:09 (CET)20:32 (CET)
15-04-202406-10-144504:36 (CET)06:05 (CET)12:37 (CET)16:16 (CET)19:10 (CET)20:33 (CET)
16-04-202407-10-144504:34 (CET)06:04 (CET)12:37 (CET)16:16 (CET)19:10 (CET)20:34 (CET)
17-04-202408-10-144504:33 (CET)06:02 (CET)12:37 (CET)16:16 (CET)19:11 (CET)20:35 (CET)
18-04-202409-10-144504:31 (CET)06:01 (CET)12:36 (CET)16:16 (CET)19:12 (CET)20:36 (CET)
19-04-202410-10-144504:30 (CET)06:00 (CET)12:36 (CET)16:16 (CET)19:13 (CET)20:38 (CET)
20-04-202411-10-144504:28 (CET)05:59 (CET)12:36 (CET)16:16 (CET)19:14 (CET)20:39 (CET)
21-04-202412-10-144504:27 (CET)05:57 (CET)12:36 (CET)16:16 (CET)19:15 (CET)20:40 (CET)
22-04-202413-10-144504:25 (CET)05:56 (CET)12:36 (CET)16:16 (CET)19:15 (CET)20:41 (CET)
23-04-202414-10-144504:24 (CET)05:55 (CET)12:35 (CET)16:16 (CET)19:16 (CET)20:42 (CET)
24-04-202415-10-144504:22 (CET)05:54 (CET)12:35 (CET)16:17 (CET)19:17 (CET)20:43 (CET)
25-04-202416-10-144504:21 (CET)05:53 (CET)12:35 (CET)16:17 (CET)19:18 (CET)20:44 (CET)
26-04-202417-10-144504:20 (CET)05:52 (CET)12:35 (CET)16:17 (CET)19:19 (CET)20:45 (CET)
27-04-202418-10-144504:18 (CET)05:50 (CET)12:35 (CET)16:17 (CET)19:19 (CET)20:46 (CET)
28-04-202419-10-144504:17 (CET)05:49 (CET)12:35 (CET)16:17 (CET)19:20 (CET)20:47 (CET)
29-04-202420-10-144504:15 (CET)05:48 (CET)12:34 (CET)16:17 (CET)19:21 (CET)20:48 (CET)
30-04-202421-10-144504:14 (CET)05:47 (CET)12:34 (CET)16:17 (CET)19:22 (CET)20:50 (CET)