Amman Prayer Times Today

The Amman prayer times today in Jordan are Fajr (4:46 AM), Dhuhr (12:37 PM), Asr (4:13 PM), Maghrib (7:04 PM), Isha (8:23 PM).

Amman Prayer Times Today

Next Prayer: Asr (04:13 PM)

Time Remaining until Asr:

1 hours, 3 minutes, 20 seconds

Current time in Asia/Amman:
03:09:40 PM

Hijri Date: 03 Shawwal, 1445 AH

Gregorian Date: 12 April, 2024

Fajr 4:46 AM
Sunrise 6:11 AM
Dhuhr 12:37 PM
Asr 4:13 PM
Sunset 7:04 PM
Maghrib 7:04 PM
Isha 8:23 PM
Imsak 4:36 AM
Midnight 12:37 AM
Firstthird 10:46 PM
Lastthird 2:28 AM

Latitude: 31.95522

Longitude: 35.94503

Timezone: Asia/Amman

Calculation Method: Muslim World League

Midnight Mode: STANDARD

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Qiblah Direction (Amman)

Distance to Kaaba: 1232.72 km

Amman, Saudi Arabia

Amman, the capital city of Jordan, is a bustling metropolis that blends rich history with modernity. Nestled among the hills of northwestern Jordan, Amman is a vibrant cultural, political, and economic center known for its warm hospitality and diverse attractions. Amman boasts a rich history that dates back thousands of years. The city has been inhabited since the Bronze Age and has witnessed the rise and fall of numerous civilizations, including the Ammonites, Romans, Byzantines, and Umayyads. This historical tapestry is evident in the city’s numerous archaeological sites, ancient ruins, and well-preserved landmarks.

Monthly Prayer Time Amman

Gregorian Date Hijri Date Fajr Sunrise Dhuhr Asr Sunset Maghrib Isha
01 April 202422 Ramadan 1445 AH05:02 AM06:24 AM12:40 PM04:12 PM06:56 PM06:56 PM08:14 PM
02 April 202423 Ramadan 1445 AH05:00 AM06:23 AM12:40 PM04:12 PM06:57 PM06:57 PM08:15 PM
03 April 202424 Ramadan 1445 AH04:59 AM06:22 AM12:39 PM04:12 PM06:57 PM06:57 PM08:16 PM
04 April 202425 Ramadan 1445 AH04:57 AM06:21 AM12:39 PM04:12 PM06:58 PM06:58 PM08:16 PM
05 April 202426 Ramadan 1445 AH04:56 AM06:19 AM12:39 PM04:12 PM06:59 PM06:59 PM08:17 PM
06 April 202427 Ramadan 1445 AH04:55 AM06:18 AM12:39 PM04:12 PM06:59 PM06:59 PM08:18 PM
07 April 202428 Ramadan 1445 AH04:53 AM06:17 AM12:38 PM04:12 PM07:00 PM07:00 PM08:19 PM
08 April 202429 Ramadan 1445 AH04:52 AM06:16 AM12:38 PM04:13 PM07:01 PM07:01 PM08:20 PM
09 April 202430 Ramadan 1445 AH04:50 AM06:14 AM12:38 PM04:13 PM07:02 PM07:02 PM08:21 PM
10 April 202401 Shawwal 1445 AH04:49 AM06:13 AM12:37 PM04:13 PM07:02 PM07:02 PM08:22 PM
11 April 202402 Shawwal 1445 AH04:47 AM06:12 AM12:37 PM04:13 PM07:03 PM07:03 PM08:22 PM
12 April 202403 Shawwal 1445 AH04:46 AM06:11 AM12:37 PM04:13 PM07:04 PM07:04 PM08:23 PM
13 April 202404 Shawwal 1445 AH04:45 AM06:10 AM12:37 PM04:13 PM07:04 PM07:04 PM08:24 PM
14 April 202405 Shawwal 1445 AH04:43 AM06:08 AM12:36 PM04:13 PM07:05 PM07:05 PM08:25 PM
15 April 202406 Shawwal 1445 AH04:42 AM06:07 AM12:36 PM04:13 PM07:06 PM07:06 PM08:26 PM
16 April 202407 Shawwal 1445 AH04:40 AM06:06 AM12:36 PM04:13 PM07:06 PM07:06 PM08:27 PM
17 April 202408 Shawwal 1445 AH04:39 AM06:05 AM12:36 PM04:13 PM07:07 PM07:07 PM08:28 PM
18 April 202409 Shawwal 1445 AH04:38 AM06:04 AM12:35 PM04:13 PM07:08 PM07:08 PM08:29 PM
19 April 202410 Shawwal 1445 AH04:36 AM06:03 AM12:35 PM04:13 PM07:08 PM07:08 PM08:30 PM
20 April 202411 Shawwal 1445 AH04:35 AM06:01 AM12:35 PM04:13 PM07:09 PM07:09 PM08:30 PM
21 April 202412 Shawwal 1445 AH04:34 AM06:00 AM12:35 PM04:13 PM07:10 PM07:10 PM08:31 PM
22 April 202413 Shawwal 1445 AH04:32 AM05:59 AM12:35 PM04:13 PM07:11 PM07:11 PM08:32 PM
23 April 202414 Shawwal 1445 AH04:31 AM05:58 AM12:34 PM04:13 PM07:11 PM07:11 PM08:33 PM
24 April 202415 Shawwal 1445 AH04:30 AM05:57 AM12:34 PM04:13 PM07:12 PM07:12 PM08:34 PM
25 April 202416 Shawwal 1445 AH04:28 AM05:56 AM12:34 PM04:13 PM07:13 PM07:13 PM08:35 PM
26 April 202417 Shawwal 1445 AH04:27 AM05:55 AM12:34 PM04:13 PM07:13 PM07:13 PM08:36 PM
27 April 202418 Shawwal 1445 AH04:26 AM05:54 AM12:34 PM04:13 PM07:14 PM07:14 PM08:37 PM
28 April 202419 Shawwal 1445 AH04:24 AM05:53 AM12:34 PM04:13 PM07:15 PM07:15 PM08:38 PM
29 April 202420 Shawwal 1445 AH04:23 AM05:52 AM12:34 PM04:13 PM07:15 PM07:15 PM08:39 PM
30 April 202421 Shawwal 1445 AH04:22 AM05:51 AM12:33 PM04:13 PM07:16 PM07:16 PM08:40 PM